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Soft Toys - Vegetables & Garden Animals

Kids Soft Toy Vegetables
Your child will love playing with our range of soft toy kids vegetables.  Each character has floppy arms and legs and a very smiley face.  Tammy the tomato, Coriander the carrot, Lucy the leek, Tom the turnip, Peter the potato and Carrie the cabbage are joined by their friends Daniel the dragonfly and Gerry the grasshopper.  They are ideal for role playing kids gardening and cooking and they may inspire you and your children to start planting and growing a garden.  Your child can have their very own version of Mr Bloom's Nursery toys Also ideal presents for keen gardeners.Please scroll down and take a look.
They are all handmade in Sri Lanka from Handwoven and hand dyed cotton.  They have an European CE Kitemark so are completely safe for your little ones.

soft toy cabbage



Carrie is beautiful enough to brighten up any garden or playroom.  She has outer 'leaves' in shades of green and a lovely warm smile.  She has a small loop at the back for hanging her up.  Dimensions: 15cm tall, 16cm wide, from hand to hand.


Price £ 11.99
You will love our tall thin Lucy.  She has a high top hat of dark green 'leaves' and a mop-like string skirt as her roots.  She has a little loop near the top, so you can hang her up.

Dimensions: 27cm tall, 11cm round at the widest point.

Price £ 9.99
Price £49.94
soft toy vegetable box
A coir tray filled with all six of the vegetables (see above). A cabbage, carrot, leek, potato, turnip and tomato. You save £11.00 and gain a coir tray.
Price £39.94


This delightful, colourful ball is ideal for baby's first.  It is made from 100% hand woven cotton, which is very tactile, dyed with eco-friendly, safe but very vivid colours that are safe to suck.  The ball is stuffed with the natural fibres from the kapok tree.  It is made from 5 differently coloured ellipses, with a small circle at each end.  It is solid enough to be satisfying, but soft enough to be harmless.  Colours vary.

Dimensions: 12cm diameter


Coriander is made from orange ribbed cotton to give her 'extra texture'.  She has a green carrot top, and a little hanging loop as well.  Dimensions: 14cm tall, 11cm round at the widest part.
Price £9.99
Tom is a turnip with a greeny/blue 'leaf' hat.  He reminds us of  Tunip one of the Vegemals on Octonauts. There is a small loop at the back so that you can hang him up.  Dimensions: 17cm tall, 15cm round widest part.
Price £9.99

The grasshopper has two long legs for standing up and four shorter legs. She is fully clothed in a pinafore dress, collar and frilly knickers.  All her clothes are removable (and washable) as are her wings, giving her extra play value.  She is always made in green fabric, but the clothes are a variety of different colour combinations and no two are exactly the same.  Her antennae and smiley face make her a friendly little toy.  Colours may vary slightly. 

Dimensions: 26cm to tip of antennae.
Price £18.99


For those parents who want to introduce a Rugby ball to their baby, this is for you.  Like the round ball, it is made from 100% hand woven, very tactile cotton.  It is dyed with 2 very vivid, safe and eco-friendly dyes that are quite safe to suck.  The four ellipses that make up the ball are decorated with cross-stitch embroidery at the joins.  It is stuffed with kapok, a natural fibre and is solid enough to throw and catch but soft enough to be harmless.

Dimensions: 20cm long; 12cm diameter at widest point.





We know that Tammy is really a fruit, but she loves hanging out with her veggie friends. We hope that all the tomaoes grown in our garden ripen as well as her. Her hanging loop is her nose – so she hangs horizontal!  Dimensions: 13cm tall, 11cm diameter
 Price £ 9.99
soft toy potato
Peter has a very earthy feel to him. He is brown and the cotton he is made from is ribbed and textured.  He has a little loop for hanging.  Dimensions: 15cm tall, 20cm round.
Price £ 9.99
The dragonfly has six little boots and a smile on his face.  The rings on the dragonfly's tail will slide off and his wings are detachable, giving him extra play value.  There is a little loop on top of his wings, so that he can be hung up as a decoration or you could hang several together to make a really remarkable mobile.  He comes in a variety of different colour combinations and no two are exactly the same.
Dimensions: 26cm nose to tail; 12cm tall; 20cm wingspan.
Price £18.99