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We sell gardening gifts and outdoor toys for children. 

Your garden is one of the best playgrounds for your kids.  There is so much fun to be had.  We aim to help with a range of gifts carefully chosen to encourage your child to get out to play in the garden.

Mr Bloom's Nursery and The Veggies

The CBeebies programme Mr Bloom's Nursery for preschoolers features an allotment tended by Mr Bloom filled with talking vegetables.  We love the fact that young children are being shown how to take care of plants and vegetables.  We sell our own selection of  soft toy vegetables and animals for you including a close relative of Margaret the cabbage featured on the show.  Sourced from Sri Lanka we think your toddler will love to play with them.



soft toy cabbage

Carrie is beautiful enough to brighten up any garden or playroom. She has outer 'leaves' in shades of green and a lovely warm smile. She has a small loop at the back for hanging her up. Dimensions: 15cm tall, 16cm wide, from hand to hand.

Price £ 11.99
You will love our tall thin Lucy. She has a high top hat of dark green 'leaves' and a mop-like string skirt as her roots. She has a little loop near the top, so you can hang her up.

Dimensions: 27cm tall, 11cm round at the widest point.

Price £ 10.99
Coriander is made from orange ribbed cotton to give her 'extra texture'. She has a green carrot top, and a little hanging loop as well. Dimensions: 14cm tall, 11cm round at the widest part.
Price £10.99
Tom is a turnip with a greeny/blue 'leaf' hat. He reminds us of Tunip one of the Vegemals on Octonauts. There is a small loop at the back so that you can hang him up. Dimensions: 17cm tall, 15cm round widest part.

Price £10.99
Price £49.94
soft toy vegetable box

A coir tray filled with all six of the vegetables (see above). A cabbage, carrot, leek, potato, turnip and tomato. You save £11.00 and gain a coir tray.

Price £49.94



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About Wild Flowers
About Wildflowers
About Wild Flowers

Here's a chance for everyone to learn those wonderful names like Policeman's Helmet, or Great Hairy Willowherb. This kit contains 24 identification cards showing 48 colourful flowers, a wooden flower press, tweezers, wild flower seeds to start your own meadow, notepad & pencil to record your find plus lots of information on how to identify the different flower types. Box size 23x15x5cm
About Bugs
About bugs
Bug explorer kit
Everyone is fascinated with creepy-crawly's. Over 100 bugs are illustrated on 24 identification cards, plus collection jar, cloth catching net, notepad and pencil and full instructions.
Box size 23x15x5cm


Two Way Bug Viewer
bug viewer
This is a great way for children to view any creepy crawlies.  Made of sturdy plastic you can view from the top and also from the side.  It is ventilated with a diameter of 7 cms.  It even comes with its own plastic spider.  Colour green.
Suitable 5+